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Participants must have at least a high school diploma or higher endorsement to enroll in our course. Each participant will supply ID, copy of diploma or degree at time of registration.
Tools of the trade:
Downloadable PDF converter - Bullzip (free)
Downloadable Flow Chart program
Microsoft Office- Word & Excel
Legal Pads
#2 Pencils
Cell Phone
MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or Facebook Account

Petroleum Land Service, LLC is a fully funtional land service company offering Petroleum Landman Training course. We provide comprehensive, real-time, step-by-step, petroleum landman instructive training course. Each participant is assigned his or her own Veteran Landman. These individuals will become your mentor and liaison throughout your career. The course curriculum delivers 180-hours of exceptional training. Petroleum Land Service is committed to your success. Our lesson plans are, designed around you, the beginner Landman. In a group setting an individual is less likely to ask a question about a subject he or she is not familiar with; Petroleum Land Service will challenge you and engage you in everyday checks and balances of your assignment or task. In a one-on-one situation, one builds trust and you find it much easier to participate in your own future. Petroleum Land Service Sr. Landmen hone in on your questions or concerns and learning curves. Our course is task specific. We want you to succeed. We want our course and materials to be the most sought after product for the up and coming landman. Petroleum Land Service Landmen will support and guide you through your first assignment or fiftieth, should the need arise. Standout, invest in yourself, let us mentor your success.

"Petroleum Land Service - Landman Training Course" has been strategically designed to be an easy, informative, and systematic lesson plan that takes you from the Plat / Tobin map to the lease. Petroleum Land Service lessons are designed to ensure you have the proper instruction, tools, and confidence you need to understand the lesson plan and the industry as a whole. A Petroleum Landman is a way of life, it is a career choice, it is not a job. Petroleum Land Service will train you from inception to completion in running mineral ownership title research and reporting your findings. Petroleum Land Service will take you through every step of the process. Petroleum Land Service will be your industry mentor and liaison throughout your career. You have taken the next big step to the rest of your economic livelihood. Our course is one of a kind. There are many courses out there to choose from, but none covers all the details we go over in 180-hours. Petroleum Land Service begins with broader topics and progresses to specific actions in the order they should be done to properly identify current mineral ownership of an entire Section, Tract, or Parcel of Land. Our course covers an entire 180-hours of training. If there is a need for additional training to complete your course assignment there will be no extra charge for this time. 
"NO EXTRA CHARGE".     "Our course is not a Seminar"
it is the most
comprehensive study course available online. Each participant will have one-on-one training with a Sr. Landmen via the web. Each participant must download Microsoft instant messenger, and/or Yahoo instant messenger, for those who cannot download one of these listed above, setup a Facebook account. This medium is essential to your overall training.

Petroleum Land Service - Landman Training Course provides an interactive online learning environment where participants are introduced to the many aspects of the petroleum landman industry. Petroleum Land Service provides each participant with his or her own individual landman instructor. These instructors are seasoned professional Landmen who have been in the industry for fifteen to thirty years. Petroleum Land Service covers both basic and advanced topics of the industry. Petroleum Land Service lesson plans cover mineral title research and development, well status reports, regulatory & environmental requirements, creating accurate reporting methods and theory, understanding the many clauses of the oil and gas lease, easements, right-of-way agreements, oil and gas working interest, net revenue calculations, drill-site title curative issues to included various industry documents not mentioned herein, and much more.

Our Instructors are some of the most experienced Mineral Title Abstractors in the Country. We have dedicated ourselves to helping others like you become professionals in the industry. Many of our participants have gone on to create their own Independent Abstractors Services.

We will take you from beginning-to-end of a full title research and development. Everything you need to become a professional title abstractor/landman is included. Once you have completed our course we will assist you in finding employment. We will act as your personal business mentor.  No other online course offers these turn-key services and training to beginner Landmen or Abstractors.

Our course will walk you through the procedures of finding out who owns the mineral rights on a particular tract or parcel of land. This is a procedure that, once learned, you can apply to any type of title research relating to real property. Whether it be for Mineral rights or Real Estate Title Abstracting. Your skills will be in high demand. 

Tuition Fees  & Course Layout

Chapter 1 and your Live Online Access account must be purchased together to start your training program.
Chapter 1                         $725.00
Online Access                 $350.00

Chapter 2                         $725.00

Chapter 3                         $725.00

Chapters 4, 5, 6, & 7       $825.00

Certificates of Completion will be issued at the end of the course. Letter of recommendations will be awarded.

Once approved AAPL Credits will be applied to each chapter completed.  

See registration email conformation. Here you will find credits applicable for each phase of your training. Waiting approval from the AAPL.

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